Saturday, June 7, 2008


Kuldip sent me a message that he tried to Google Earth Sprague, and couldnt locate it.
SO i thought i would bring Sprague Google Earth live through my camera.

Welcome to Sprague Manitoba, located approximately 175km South east of Winnipeg.
Youll see along the tour some tourist attractions, and local businesses

the Sprague Dump, located a few km from town deep into the woods. Open only a few days a week. This dump is heavily protected by a chainlink fence. I have yet to hear if any manitoba tigers have been caught. If i do hear of it, Curtis youll be the first one to know!

Here's my 9-1-1 numbers

This is what the moon looks like out here in Sprague!! I took this picture last night from my back yard!!

My next door neighbour, check out his yard, I wouldnt be surprise that hes got more than vegetables growing in his garden!
Local Bank, with newly added ATM machine.

Sprague Historical Museum
Open weekends only
This old church contains pictures, and local artifacts of Sprague.
Located in the back is the local outhouse

Ross L Gray School, The school i taught at. Its a K to 12 school with approximately 130 kids. Notice the name on the school is missing an L. Also pictured is the only school bus available for the school.

Famous tourist attraction in Sprague
The Mini Village, which happens to be located downtown Sprague on Main Street, next to the local Sprague Hotel. Free of Charge, open 365 days a year.

Here is the Local store "Carl and Kays Solo Store" / Post office/ Liquor Store/ Butcher/ Bakery/ Flower Shop/ Souvenir Shop/ Hallmark Store/ etc.
if youre into collectibles, this is the place to shop... you can still buy Brand New 1988 Olympic Cereal Boxes

Here is the local watering HOLE, "Sprague Hotel" A fine selection of liquors and beer. This place has been flooded, caught on fire and its still standing! Open Daily 11am-2am. Rooms availables, no bathroom availablity (there is an outhouse nearby!)

happen to see a couple deers along the way

Only street light in the whole town of sprague is a railroad crossing

notice the dirt roads